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My Services


I produce exceptionally high quality, professional translations, which are specifically tailored and delivered to meet my client's specific language and communication needs. Each translation is customised, adapted to your Corporate Language and can be incorporated directly into your company templates if required.


Translation anf proof-reading services are offered for the following fields:


Corporate Communication (GB-D / D-GB)

    Corporate Brochures

    Corporate Presentations

    Corporate Marketing Material

Real Estate (GB-D / D-GB)

    ACE (architecture, construction, engineering)

    Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

    Field-related Marketing / Public Relations



Your Benefit


- The quality of your technical translations will improve significantly

- Save valuable time of your experts

- Less editing required

- Texts are adapted to your Corporate Language


For enquiries and RFPs please send an e-mail to or call: 0044 (0) 77 63 55 83 40

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